Frequently Asked Questions

Have you found what you are looking for today? Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us at any time for comments, suggestions, inquiries, to place an order or to arrange a personal visit to our showroom.

q1. Is your entire inventory on your website?
a. We design new products on a daily basis which are not always reflected on the web site.

q2. Do you deliver outside of outside of the Greater Toronto Area?
a. Yes, we deliver outside of Toronto

q3. What are your fees for delivery, installation and pick up?
a. Please call us for an estimate. We can assure that our fees are very competitive.

q4. How much does delivery, installation and pick-up cost?
a. A quote can be provided once the volume of the order, the delivery destination, accessibility to the site, time of delivery and time of pick-up has been established.

q5. Can we hire our own movers?
a. No. We have a delivery service that is responsible for handling the furniture. We can deliver and pick-up at any time you may require.

q6. Is your furniture specially treated?
a. The furniture line has been designed especially for the event industry, however certain activities should be avoided like the following:

  • Extreme heat ex: Sterno cans or light fixtures should not come in contact with any surfaces
  • All candles must be self-contained to avoid spillage on fixtures
  • Standing on furniture and storing heavy objects on it is prohibited
  • Wet environments inside and outside should be avoided
  • Do not attach or adhere things to fixtures or furniture
  • Please refrain from moving furniture to avoid any resulting damages

q7. Who is responsible for damages?
a. Our product is delivered undamaged and we expect it to be returned in the same condition it was presented to you. An on-site inspection will be conducted and any material damages found beyond normal wear and tear will be fixed by us and charged back to you. A further inspection takes place at our warehouse as lighting can be unreliable in venues. Please do not attempt to fix damaged furniture. Sitra reserves the right to charge and receive payment for all damages.

q8. Do you accept custom orders?
a. Yes, we do accept custom orders when colours and materials permit.

q9. Is your exclusive line for sale?
a. Generally not, but all requests will be considered.

q10. Do you have a comprehensive price list?
a. Yes, please click on contact us and send us an email with your query.

q11. Are extended rentals permissible?
a. We specialize in the event industry and home staging. We can help you on with all your short and long term needs. Please inquire about any unique rental requirements.

q12. Do you accept last minute order revisions?
a. We understand our market and will accept last-minute revisions upon request and providing we have the merchandise in stock.

q13. Do you have a showroom?
a. Yes, our exclusive showroom is open by appointment only. Please contact us at service@sitrafruniturerentals.com.

q14. Do you have any promotional material?
a. Please contact us with any inquiries. We are happy to help you.

q15. What is your payment policy?
a. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Interac, cheques and cash. A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your order.
50% deposit is required for standard orders
100% is required for custom orders.
The balance of payment is required 14 working days prior to your event and is non-refundable.